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Zane Johnston, CEqD


Listen to what others are saying about Zane Johnston

This is our introduction to Zane Johnston, CEqDT. Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with him. This will provide assurance that he is trustworthy and reliable.

Zane Johnston has been the farrier for my horses for almost 25 years. He has dealt with youngsters, oldsters and special needs in his work here. At all times, Zane has been meticulous in his work. I have also used him to treat my horses with infrared light therapy and just recently had him work on my gelding’s teeth. As always, he makes sure the job is done right.
I can most certainly recommend Zane for farrier work, light therapy and equine dentistry. He has a very good rapport with the horses and will stand by his procedures.
Carol Eklund, D.V.M.

I was referred to Zane Johnston over 20 years ago by our local Equine Hospital. My Vet knew him well and recommended him highly.  Over the course of 20 years Zane was always there for me and my horses and quick to respond  in emergency situations. I appreciated and depended on his horse  wisdom and expertise. 

Zane understands horses.  I was always comfortable with him around my horses whether I was there for an appointment or not. He scheduled return appointments in advance and was on time. If there was ever a situation where he was delayed, he would contact me to let me know. He is dependable, trustworthy and responsible. 

He works efficiently, while still be patient with nervous or young horses. His calm spirit around horses keeps them at ease, even in tense situations. The level of knowledge and experience Zane has gained over his years as a Farrier is a great benefit to horse owners. 

It is with great sadness I say Goodbye, but without hesitation I can recommend him as a Farrier. 

Terri H., Kuna, Idaho

From Linda Kaye Hollingworth-Jones, Owner of Willow Grove Ranch

15 years ago I was trying several farriers when we kept running into soundness issues with one particular horse.  This was going to be my test to see if we might switch to using Zane instead.  He looked at the situation from several angles and tried an approach that the previous farriers had not thought of.  The horse was comfortable for the next  14 years until he passed away from old age.  This was the case over and over again.  As an owner and trainer I would have my own or client horses with oddities that he would evaluate and put some thought into and apply an effective solution.  I knew after a couple of years I could trust him to take in the details and put the horses on a trimming or shoeing regime that would be the best option for them. He treats the horses and their owners with dignity and respect whether they are champion show horses or companion animals.  We’ve shown and he has shod for us in many disciplines including reining (with various designs of sliders), and park horses (with toe weights in front.)  He did these enhancement methods but was clear that he would not cross the line to any extremity that might put the horse’s soundness in jeopardy. 

In the last couple of years he entered equine dentistry school and I was certain he would apply the same care to details as he had to farriery.  I was not disappointed.  When he was working toward his certification and had a certified equine dentist check his work, he was extremely attentive to her slight adjustment suggestions and appreciative of the opportunity to learn.  He truly enjoys helping horses be comfortable and rise to their best no matter what their job is. 

Zane has shown again and again his honesty, integrity, skill and knowledge, with horses in my care.  He was a trusted member of my professional team and he will be sorely missed.  

Linda Kaye Hollingsworth-Jones

National and World Champions 


Linda Ka
National and World Champions

Woodington Veterinary Services, PLLC

Matthew Woodington, DVM

742 E. State St.   Eagle ID 83616


I want to strongly recommend Zane Johnston as a farrier.  I have worked with Zane for about five years in Idaho. He was my go to farrier for difficult cases. I utilized Zane's exceptional knowledge of farrier techniques to assist me in managing cases including, but not limited to, laminitis (founder), navicular syndrome, and ring bone.

Zane was always great to work with and my clients were always happy with him.  Zane has a professional demeanor and a knowledge that I rarely see in farriers.

I cannot recommend his services enough. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.


 Matthew  Woodington, DVM

Owner: Woodington Veterinary Services, PLLC

Jeanne Ross,  D.V.M.

All Valley Animal Care Center

2326 East Cinema Drive

Meridian, Idaho   83642

February 12, 2017

I have had the pleasure of working with Zane Johnston CEqD in the Idaho Treasure Valley.  I worked closely with Zane in his equine dentistry business performing a preliminary physical exam, oral exam and sedating for equine dentistry procedures.  Zane is capable, competent, kind and is a definite asset to our equine dentistry profession.  Zane is a true professional and always maintained compliance with our State Veterinary Medical Examining Board.

I wish him the best in his new practice.


Jeanne Ross, D.V.M.

As a client of Zane Johnston, I have always appreciated his patient and professional demeanor when working with my horses. As a veterinarian, I respect his inherent attention to detail, the high standards he applies and maintains of himself, and his genuine interest in doing the best work possible. Most importantly, he has the knowledge to correctly assess and address both routine and complicated dental issues. His reliability and ability to communicate make him a genuine find in this field

Caeley Melmed, DVM, DACVIM (Internal Medicine)

Veterinary Medicine Specialists of Dallas/Ft. Worth

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