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Zane Johnston, CEqD

Zane has been an Equine Service provider since 1990, He began his career in Southern California where he received extensive in-class training and thousands of hours of apprenticing for top Farriers all over Southern California. He moved to Southwestern Idaho in 1994 and has worked with veterinarians and trainers for 30 years, continuing his career as a top Farrier.

In efforts to cater to the growing need he saw in muscle and tissue damage of performance horses, he extensively studied regenerative practices being used world wide and began to offer his own brand of infrared light muscle and tissue therapy that has been widely successful and has been instrumental in providing a truly differentiated service.

He added another facet of equine service receiving his training in Equine Dentistry from the Academy of Equine Dentistry in Glenn's Ferry, ID. He gained his International certification in July, 2016.

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